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What I Learned This Weekend #4

1. Unexpected things or events would turn out great.

2. Everything would be better with a cup of coffee.

3. Chances are, you’ll get free doughnuts.

4. You’ll get free beer too.

5. I am still stupid.

6. I can’t and I won’t be a…


Fuck it. What happened to my “being honest and straightforward” Oh life.

What I Learned This Weekend #3

1. I cannot get everything I want - reinforced for the nth time

2. Sometimes things would turn out my way, but that won’t change anything.

3. I learned how sad my life is. Thanks to my friend’s brothers, I realized that my life is as dull as a blank paper. But being optimistic and shit, I can do lots of things with that paper.

4. I must not stalk.

5. It’s fun to be “lost” sometimes.

6. Never ever assume. Ask first, or I might get the wrong idea.

7. Take note of individual differences.

Me Watching My ID and SUPEREGO Fight

  • Id: Do it.
  • Superego: Don't do it.
  • Id: You like it, right? Then do it.
  • Superego: You like it, but you know that it's not right. Don't do it.
  • Id: How could it not be right? It is satisfying, and you're not hurting anyone. Do it.
  • Superego: It's a wrong move, don't do it.
  • Id: What the fuck are you saying? She likes it, she wants to do it. Do you want her spending the rest of her life throwing those "what ifs"?
  • Superego: Sometimes, you don't need to do anything. Letting it go with the flow is the best thing to do. Those what ifs are nothing compared to the consequences if she'll continue. Besides, what good will she get if she will do it?
  • Id: She'll be happy.
  • Superego: But she'll be hurt.

Cold War

Okay. I am trying to be optimistic. And so far, it’s been good. Until this moment happened.

Just when I thought that my Superego is finally winning the war, my Id just used its first “secret weapon”. Too bad my Superego is not ready for this attack, its gonna have to think of another way to win this battle. Go and strategize Superego.

Oh well.

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Ya sayin’?

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Midnight Crisis

Life? I do have one.

It’s fun and wistful at the same time. Having this kind of life has its difficulties.

Stuck in the middle of two miserable ends, I want to break the wall and find myself a different path. Even if I have to use my bare hands, I will never give up. Those ends are not for me. Those ends are never for me.

They are distractions. They want me to give up. They want me to choose between them because they are selfish like that. They want me to end in agony. They want me to grief for the rest of my life. But no, I am wiser than what they thought of me. I am stronger than what they have expected. I will never choose between them.

Of course, I did not end up with this decision by myself. My friends helped me. They guided me. They showed me a way on how NOT to choose, and how to create a better route.

Thank you. Thank you for the never ending support. If there will ever come a time that you will be needing me, I promise that I will do everything to give it all back.

What I Learned This Weekend #2

1. You can’t get everything you want - Reinforced

2. Even if you try, sometimes things won’t really work your way.

3. You can be very careful but you will never get rid of all the bullshit moments.

4. It’s hard to choose between all the choices given to you especially if none of them is satisfactory. Don’t choose, make your own choice/move.

5. My life’s still fucked up… just kidding.

Hi! I really had a great time this weekend! I learned a lot of things from my great mentors, and yeah, I don’t feel that sad or bad anymore.

Okay fine, I miss it but not that much. Lol. Whatever.


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